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Artists rally to support Brain Tumor Research via eBay Art Auction


Artists rally to support Brain Tumor Research via eBay Art Auction

PITTSBURGH, Pa--2 May 2005--In honor of the North American Brain Tumor Coalition week of activism, Pittsburgh artist Cary K. Snyder organized an eBay auction to benefit brain tumor related charities. Everything listed will start at $9.99 with no reserve, with 100% of all sale prices donated to either the Children's Brain Tumor Foundation or the American Brain Tumor Association. The auctions can be viewed by searching 'BTAW' at or by going directly to These auctions are listed under the auspices of Mission Fish.

"My hope is that by creating a fundraising event unrestricted by geography or scheduling, we open the doors for more interest & generosity. It’s a wonderful opportunity to purchase artwork at great prices AND make a difference for brain tumor survivors, patients and those who have not yet been diagnosed with this devastating illness," says Snyder. The auctions will run online from May 1-7, 2005. Snyder heself has a 6-year-old daugther, Sofia, who was diagnosed at the age of 3 with disseminated Juvenile Pilocytic Astrocytoma.

Pittsburgh-based art organization EBSQ Self-Representing Artists ( partnered with Ms. Snyder to promote this fundraiser, as well as encourage its artists to donate work. Among the participating EBSQ artists are:

Lauren Cole
Lauren K Blair
john christopher borrero
Maureen C. Brady
Melinda Dalke
Lynn Dobbins
Tracey Allyn Greene
Kimberly McLaughlin
Kelly Olivia Murphy
jennifer d reid
Windi Rosson
Carolyn Schiffhouer
Cary K. Snyder
Richard R. Snyder
Sandi Gayle Stefkovich
Dawn Lee Thompson
lily piri
Matilde Caceres-Zelinger
Joe Zona
Susan Olga Linville

About the North American Brain Tumor Coalition week of action:

The North American Brain Tumor Coalition (NABTC) is a network of charitable organizations dedicated to eradicating brain tumors. The member organizations of the Coalition have awarded over $20 million in private funds for research related to brain tumors. The Coalition represents the interests of its constituency by raising awareness of brain tumors and by advocating for increased research funding, access to specialized care and other issues affecting brain tumor patients.

For more information on Brain Tumor Action Week, check out

About EBSQ Self-Representing Artists:

EBSQ is an ever-growing art association whose members represent their own work to the public. Our mission is to foster an active community of independent artists, and to provide tools and services to bring our members greater exposure in the art market. EBSQ membership is open--we welcome artists at all stages of their career. All medias and styles are welcome.

For more information about EBSQ, please visit

Amie Gillingham
Director, EBSQ
support living artists!

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