blumoo (blu_moo) wrote in ebsq,

Regarding Show Entries

This is a reminder that it is very important that artists read
every prospectus for every show that they wish to enter. Using
the name of the show or what others have entered is simply
insufficient. There are and continue to be a great many entries
in "Abstract Expressions" that illustrate this point. I have had,
and am continuing, to contact a great many artists to tell them
that their work is ineligible for the show and this is not
something that I enjoy doing. It has not been uncommon for the
response to be that they were going by what others have entered
or did not know that the show focuses on Abstract Expressionism
only. If the prospectus had been read, it is doubtful that this would
have occurred.

This problem is becoming more and more frequent with show
entries. When it is a large show, hours everyday can be spent
dealing with this. Please treat The EBSQ shows with the same care
you would treat a show in a brick and mortar gallery. Don't forget,
more people will be seeing your work on EBSQ than if it were
hanging in a gallery. It does affect how you are perceived as
a professional.

If anyone has any questions about a prospectus, please do not
hesitate to ask questions. We try to make the expectations as clear
as we can but cannot always succeed. We are eager to answer any
questions that may come up.


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