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::EBSQ Members Newsletter ~ September 2005::

Greetings from EBSQ!

~:From the Editors:

It's hard to believe that it's been five years since John Seed breathed life into a little concept he liked to call EBSQ. And harder for me to believe that it's been four years since he passed the yoke along to me. Looking back at where we've been, the journey has been extraordinary! We've gone from a hand-full of artists selling on eBay to 1800+ international established and emerging artists, representing all styles and media!

And so, we're asking you to help us celebrate our 5th Anniversary in style! We're introducing the 'SQewy Awards, which give us the chance to recognize both the talent and diversity of our outstanding membership. Check our live journal page daily throughout the month of September for your chance to nominate artists in various media/genres. We'll be doing a different poll daily through the end of the month. (You can vote in any/all polls on any/all days in September) In October, we'll be announcing 5 nominees for each category. In November/December, both members and patrons will have the opportunity to vote. And we'll be announcing the 2005 winners in the January 2006 issue of the EBSQ Zine!

If you haven't had the chance yet, please stop by the newest version of our online forums to say hello! Simply sign in with your main-site user name and password. Not only is this a great place to catch up on the latest news and grab tech support for the site, we now have a much more robust system in place for media/genre specific topics as well as a seriously enlarged marketing section. Enjoy!


Amie Gillingham, executive director
& Melissa Morton, associate director
1 September 2005

See the rest of the September 2005 Issue of the EBSQ Zine here:

~:EBSQ Plus Applications now being accepted
Applications are being accepted for the juried division of EBSQ through 15 September 2005. More general information on how to apply, fees, etc, can be found here:

~:Q & A for Those Interested In Applying For EBSQ Plus.

Come to a live chat on Friday, September 9 for helpful information on entering PLUS. Some points which will be covered are choosing art, presentation and statement. If you have questions, please come ready to ask. We will answer any questions regarding EBSQ Plus that you may have.

8:30pm EDT (5:30pm PDT)

Unable to attend? Questions will also be addressed here:

(please use your main-site user id and password to log in)

~:Relief for victims of Katrina
Members are participating in many different relief efforts locally as well as via eBay and other locations online. Here's the rundown on a few:

--Artstorm Hurricane Relief

A group of EBSQ artists have put together an effort to raise funds for charity relief for the survivors of hurricane Katrina along the gulf coast. A group auction will be listed on 09/04/05 to run 7-10 days using the keyword "Artstorm" as a search term in all auction titles. (although we may be doing this longer than the initial 10 days) We would like to get as many artists involved in this effort as possible. Most folks are running their auctions with MissionFish. This is the officially sanctioned EBSQ charity event, and is being promoted as such in the Art of the Day Mailings.

We realise this is short notice but the need is urgent and we hope to get a lot of participation.

For more information, stop by the EBSQ message boards, or contact Steve "Linwood" King directly at


Several EBSQ members are using the artforkatrina website to promote their charity auction items. For more information on participating with this effort, contact Colin David at or visit or the artforkatrina live journal community here:

Other members are using A2H as a keyword, reusing the Art2Help that was established on eBay's message boards during last year's tsunami. For more information, visit our message boards, or eBay's.

Because this is an ongoing event, more avenues to raise funds with your art, as well as donate money, supplies, etc, are being discussed daily on our message boards. We have a forum set up specifically for Katrina relief: (sign in with your main site id and password)

If you've heard of any other ways we can help, let us know! We're going to try to get a comprehensive list posted on the public section of our message boards before the end of the week.

We have so many artists in Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama, including some folks in the heart of New Orleans. There are many members we still haven't heard from yet. If you're able to get receive this message, or if you've heard from one of the artists in this area, please let us know on the message boards. We're keeping you all in our prayers! And if there's anything we can do, our community is at your disposal.

~:Check out our featured artists this month:

interview: Linda O'Neill of Boulder, CO USA

interview: David Bruce Reeves of New Brunswick, Canada

cover art: Dorota Quiroz of Camden, NY USA

Featured gallery art: Encaustic artist Louisa Shaw of Derbyshire, UK

~:Coming next month:
official nominees for the 1st Annual 'SQewy Awards to be announced
2006 exhibition schedule

Take care and have a great month!

-Amie Gillingham
director, EBSQ
support living artists!
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