Amie (wickedgillie) wrote in ebsq,

Vote now: Favourite EBSQ Ceramic/Raku Artist!

Poll #566997 ceramics/raku

Write in your favourite EBSQ ceramics/raku artist for 2005

View a sampling of our ceramic/raku art here:

The top five nominees in this category will be announced in October 2005. Voting will take place in November/December 2005. Winners will be announced in January 2006. Only votes for eligible EBSQ members in good standing will be counted. Thanks for your participation, and stop back tomorrow for our next category!

Can't see the poll?
You must be logged into Live Journal to cast a vote by this method. If you don't have a live journal account, emailed nominating votes will be accepted at edu [at] ebsqart [dot] com during the month of September 2005. Please include POLL and the category in the subject header. Nominations received after September 30, 2005 will not be counted.
Tags: sqewy_awards_2005

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