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2006 Exhibition Schedule Announced

2006 Exhibition Schedule
A drawing-specific show, focusing on studies of the human anatomy

"Macro Photography"
A photography-specific show, fousing on the extreme close-up.

"Flower of the Month: Orchids"


"Much Ado about Shakespeare"
Art inspired by the works of William Shakespeare

"EBSQ Plus Juried Show: Bodice Ripper"
Artists should create "cover art" for a fictional romance novel. There is a fee to participate in this show.

"Flower of the Month: Lily of the Valley"


"Springboard: Art inspired by Art"
Submitted works should be inspired by other works of art, not a copy. This is NOT an "in the style of" show.

"From the Earth: The Clay Show"
a media-specific show featuring works in clay

"Flower of the Month: Daisy"


Works featuring all manner of insects from scary to sublime

"EBSQ Plus Juried Show: Works of Steinbeck"
Art inspired by the work of John Steinbeck. There is a fee to participate in this show.

"Flower of the Month: Wisteria"


"The Horse Show"
A celebration of equine art

"Q: When is a chair not a chair? A: When It's a work of art"
An altered furniture and functional art show to benefit Brain Tumor research

"Flower of the Month: Peony"


Things that can be found underground. Everything from rabbit warrens or roots to Hell or Prince Rillian's Silver Chair.

"Plein Air"
Our semi-annual show, featuring landscape work done on location.

"Flower of the Month: Forget-Me-Nots"


"Ripped Off"
Our 6th annual collaborative show. Pre-registration required for participation.

"Bowling for Still Lifes: The Watercolour Show"
A watercolour-specific still life show featuring anything and everything that fits in a bowl. Don't forget to include the bowl!

"Flower of the Month: Cactus"


"Pet Portrait Swap"
An annual event. Pre-registration is required for participation

"EBSQ Plus Juried Show: Archaeological Remnants"
The art of the dig - depictions of things found in archeological digs. There is a fee for participation in this show

"Flower of the Month: Petunia"


"EBSQ Biennial: Spam & Trout"
Think Monty Python's Spam skit meets the Silly Fish Dance. The more surreal the better. Help us celebrate our sixth birthday by furthering our inside joke in the silliest ways possible--or prepare to meet the notorious chat trout of doom.

"All The Modern Conveniences: Nifty Gadgets From The Pre-Digital World Home." A collage & assemblage specific show featuring fun 50's technology

"Flower of the Month: Hydrangea"


Works featuring the 12 signs of the Greco-Roman zodiac.

"Bestiary: Animals in Printmaking"
A traditional printmaking specific show, inspired by traditional illustration plates from the 16th, 17th and 18th century.

"Flower of the Month: Dahlia"


"6th Annual Portrait Swap"
Pre-registration is required for participation, as artists are randomly paired with a partner.

"EBSQ Plus Juried Show: Something Revolutionary"
Works inspired by the French Revolution. There is a fee for participation.

"Flower of the Month: Pansy"


"Better Late than Never Show"
An annual show for all of those late entries that never made it into previous 2006 shows.

"Jewelry Show: Ore, Mineral, Wood"
A jewelry-specific show. Submitted works should incorporate all of the above elements in some way.

"Flower of the Month: Dogwood"
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