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Now available for entry: 3 EBSQ Exhibits

(note--this is open to juried members of EBSQ Plus only)

Tempestuous and star-crossed - it was a passionate love that crossed continents. Revolutions could not keep them apart. Oceans could not extinguish the fire that burned between them.

Ah - the bodice ripper. Beautiful, fiery heroines and ruggedly handsome heroes with a steely gaze. Not only are they found in the pages of this perennial of romance literature, but they are oh-so evocatively captured on each and every cover. Often, the cover is more captivating than the story inside.

That is the challenge for this show - to create a cover for a romance novel. Heaving breasts and bulging biceps. Bare chests and flowing tresses. Knee boots, corsets, swords... whatever you think of when you think of romance novel cover art.
And don't forget the back cover of your bodice ripper. Create a brief synopsis of the epic tale of passion that your "front cover" tantalizingly illustrates and include it in your artist's statement.

Points to Note:
Entries do not have to be in book form. All entries must be original. A recreated cover of, or a cover created for a previously published work are not eligible for entry. All entries should be in line with cover art that could actually be published. If they wouldn't have it at the library, then it is not suitable. That means no nudity, no bits uncovered. Barely covered and provocative, yes... uncovered and explicit, no.
In addition to a story synopsis, a statement detailing the materials and process that went into creating your entry is required. It increases understanding of your work and significantly enhances the experience for the viewer. As texture or other small elements may be pivotal to the piece, detail shots are encouraged. All points of the prospectus should be met. If you have any questions regarding the prospectus and its requirements, please send them to

Entry fee:
$7 per piece (limit 3 pieces per artist). Please PayPal your fee to with "Bodice" in the subject heading. In the event that your piece(s) is ineligible for the show, your fee will be refunded in full.

"Brush up your Shakespeare..." No, this isn't "Kiss Me Kate" but it is a show of work inspired by the writings of William Shakespeare. The ways to explore his work are nearly endless. Perhaps you are inspired by a character or a setting from a play. Is the mental picture you get when reading Sonnet CIV is something that you would like to capture. Is there a scene? A moment? Design a set. Create costumes. Dig into the vast variety of Shakespeare's output and let it inspire you to create. There are some guidelines.

We want you to be inspired to create but the interpretation should come from the work as opposed to how you are effected by the work. The viewer should have a good idea of what they are looking at. This is not a "no abstracts" show, but it is a show based firmly in the literary. If you are painting the balcony scene from Romeo and Juliet, we need to have a good idea of what we are looking at. There should be something in the piece that rather obviously identifies the intent of the work. Please feel free to use text in your piece. After all, it is the words that carry the image from the paper to our imaginations. Do not feel you have to draw from one work. If you really like the Henrys, portray the Henrys. If the rose imagery from the sonnets intrigues you, give us the roses from the sonnets. Please remember that this is art inspired by the work of William Shakespeare. A watercolor of Anne Hathaway's cottage or of the Globe Theatre while from his life, are not the theme of this show. Of course, they may be incorporated, but cannot stand alone.

As always a statement is required. Please include in your statement some information on what work(s) you chose or drew from. Also details regarding the materials, process, and what made you choose your subject must be included. As texture or other small elements may be pivotal to the piece, detail shots are strongly encouraged. All points of the prospectus need to be met. If you have any questions regarding the prospectus and its requirements, please send them to

This month, try your hand at this sweet, composite little flower: Lily of the Valley

For more information on these and other EBSQ shows, as well as entry instructions, please visit:

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