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EBSQ Member Newsletter ~ March 2006

~::EBSQ Plus:

EBSQ Plus--the juried division of EBSQ--is currently accepting submissions via ArtCase between March 1-15, 2006. We'll also be conducting a rather informal EBSQ Plus info session live in the EBSQ chat room on Monday, 6 March 2006 at 9pm EASTERN time (6pm PACIFIC). But no worries if you can't make this session. We'll also continue to answer questions about the process in the forums under "EBSQ Plus Applicants Q & A"

(you must be logged in to the forums--at the top of the forum page) in order to access this section of the site)

Also note that the non-refundable $7 application fee should be PayPalled to with "PLUS" in the subject heading.

Applications will not be considered again until September 2006.

~::Enter now:

Springboard: Art Inspired by Art:

From the Earth: The Clay Show:

FOTM: Daisies

Shows are entered via your ArtCase. Further instructions on how to enter EBSQ exhibits, as well as this year's full exhibition calendar can be found here:

~::Vote Now:

Much Ado about Shakespeare:

FOTM: Lily of the Valley:

Voting continues through 8 March 2006. Winners will be announced shortly thereafter.

~::Last month's winners:


Macro Photography:

FOTM: Orchids

~::This month's EBSQ Live:

The Art of Writing With Fire: A Tutorial In Pyrography

hosted by EBSQ Self-Representing Artists and Lynn Dobbins
Monday, March 13, at 9pm Eastern (6pm Pacific)
EBSQ Chat Room
(or simply enter via the link at the top of the forum page)

Please note: this presentation was originally planned for January, but had to be rescheduled due to technical difficulties for our presenter. If you were unable to attend in January, please be sure to join us this month.

Read more:

~::Featured this month on EBSQ

Interviewed: John Penfold of South East Ireland

Interviewed: Dawn White of Seattle-area, WA State, USA

March Zine cover artist: Tory Jean Bryant of New London, CT, USA

Featured Ceramics & Raku Gallery Artist: Deborah Sprague of Bend, OR, USA

Zine articles not to miss:

Editorial regarding

A Not So Sweet Battle Wages Over a Term of Endearment

Discuss here:

Have a great month!
Amie Gillingham, executive director
Melissa Morton, associate director
support living artists!
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