February 25th, 2005


ebsq update

our remote server host tells us that the motherboard on our server died and they're in the process of physically moving us to a different server. we'll keep you posted on an eta as soon as we know more.

again, we apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience.


while things are slowly coming back online, we're currently mid-debugging. please refrain from contacting tech support to report error messages at this time. we'll keep you posted on any further news. again, thanks for your patience, and we're sorry for the inconvenience of this unforseeable downtime.

EBSQ Mail Server currently down

EBSQ will be unavailable for tech support via email until our server host finishes installing our mail software on the new server. As it's a weekend, we don't yet have an eta from them. We'll get to your questions as soon as we can, and thank you for your patience during this frustrating time for all of us.

-Amie Gillingham
director, EBSQ
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