January 1st, 2007


From the Editor: January 2007

Kaitlin Choi Vuksanic >

I love how the new year always feels like a great big "do-over," at least for a little while. It's a chance to do something new, something bold, without the baggage of the old year holding you back. I know I'd personally like to spend some serious time in the studio and crank out some paintings, a luxury I have forgone for too long because of work and my two under three. The studio was cleaned up just before Christmas since it does double-duty as a guest room. And my easel is sitting in there waiting for me, pregnant with the possibilities of paintings yet to come. I can't wait!

What are YOU going to do with your do-over?

Happy New Year from EBSQ!
Amie Gillingham, editor
1 January 2007

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