January 22nd, 2007


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This Week's Theme:  Winter Blues
this week's selections by Amie R Gillingham
No, we're not talking about Seasonal Affective Disorder. But we DO offer a cure for said malady: Blue Art! All of this week's pieces are available for sale and we'll be including links to where you can grab these little pick me ups.

On another note, we hope you like our newly revamped Art of the Day design! Drop us a line and let us know what you think! info@ebsqart.com

Higher Hill Cottages


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Upcoming Teleseminar on Copyright for the Visual Artist

From Alyson B Stanfield at ArtBizCoach:

Don't Get Ripped Off, Part 1: The Basics and Myths of Copyright for Visual Artists

Teleseminar on Tuesday, January 23, 8 p.m. EST (one hour)

Does the word "copyright" make your ears itch? Or maybe it just puts you to sleep?
Are you frozen to the point of inaction out of fear of having your concepts and images stolen?

The business of art and knowledge of copyright laws go hand in hand, unfortunately many artists are actually operating under several myths that just won't seem to go away.

Polish up your understanding of how copyright laws affect your business by joining arts and entertainment attorney Kevin Houchin for two 60-minute copyright teleseminars.

This is legal advice that you'd normally pay $200-600 an hour for! (As my coach, Cynthia Morris, might say, this is like spinach. You know it's good for you, but you don't want to eat it. Trust me, you need to hear it.) $24.95 for the one teleseminar or $34.95 for this and the advanced one on February 6. Sign up now.


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I'm not a Bully by Linda Falge

I'm not a Bully by Linda Falge