May 1st, 2007


From the Editor: May 2007

Lady in Blue (Libby) by Mark Satchwill
Mark Satchwill

We spend a lot of time here offering tips on how you can do better with marketing your work. But this month, we'd like to turn the tables and ask you how we can do better. In a nod to one of my long-time blog buddies, we're officially declaring May "EBSQ Delurking Month." We'd love to know more about who you are, why you're here, and how we can better serve you as an artists' organization. Now, we know a lot of you from the forums (and have even met many of your personally over the years!) but we'd really like to hear from folks we've never heard from before.

  • What prompted you to join EBSQ?
  • Are you using your membership the way you envisioned before becoming a member?
  • What three things do you like most about EBSQ? The least?
  • Any new features you'd love to see?
  • In general, how can we do a better job at fulfilling our mission to support living artists?

Whether you stop by the forums, post a comment on our blog, or drop us an email is entirely up to you. But we do want you to know that we don't bite, that actual people work here, and we'll actually write back!

Amie Gillingham, editor
1 May 2007

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Juror's Winners Announced for Repurposed: Art from Recycled Materials

Repurposed: Art from Recycled Materials

editor's note: After months of excitement building behind our Repurposed exhibit, the results from juror Jeff McIntire-Strasburg of Treehugger are finally in. Deborah Leger will be awarded a lifetime membership with EBSQ as well as $575 in cash. And we're pleased to have raised $425 for Jeff's cause celebre, Environmental Action. I want to thank everyone involved for helping to make this show a fantastic success on so many levels. I hope we were able to challenge your ideas about art materials and the art-making process. And we're thrilled to now have a site with so much wonderful Green art!

Jeff's choices are wonderfully unconventional and challenge the ideas of both "beauty" and "trash." Jeff shared the following about his selections:

Tulips and Tools by Deb Leger

I choose Deborah Leger's "Tulips and Tools" as the winning entry. This was a hard decision -- there were many wonderful uses of found materials ("trash"), and I thoroughly enjoyed how all of these artists saw "treasure" in these objects. In the case of "Tulips and Trash," what struck me was the artist's use of the "trash" that comes from her own process. Many of us recognize the waste of others -- Lager's work looks at how her act of creation also creates "trash." The rhythm of the piece emphasized that to me -- these "useless" objects are fit together to trace the creative process while also emphasizing the notion of finding in beauty in things others find disposable.

Honorable mentions:

The ARTIST Self Portrait by Deborah Sprague

Deborah Sprague's "The ARTIST Self Portrait" -- I had the same kind of reaction to this one as I had to Leger's work -- thought it went a step beyond simply seeing beauty in trash, and made a statement about art as creation, both of beauty and of waste.

Not Yer Auntie by Logophilia

Logophilia's "Not Yer Auntie" -- I particularly like the way the artist took the notion of seeing beauty in discarded objects, and transformed it into a statement on the notion of culturally-defined notions of human beauty. I was especially reminded of the work of Harlem Renaissance-era artist William H. Johnson, particularly his female nudes.

Eye of the Beholder 2 by Diane G Casey

Diane G. Casey's "Eye of the Beholder 2" -- I enjoyed Casey's use of color, the commentary on the dichotomy of beauty and ugliness, and, finally, how she emphasized the upward movement created by the shape of the bottles themselves.

Want to weigh in on your favourite entry? We've opened up the show to our standard member and patron voting process. Those winners will be announced on 9 April 2007. Spread the word! 

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