Amie (wickedgillie) wrote in ebsq,

EBSQ currently down for scheduled maintenance

The EBSQ website will be unavailable for up to 18 hours starting 8pm March 25th. The servers at our ISP are being physically turned off, picked up, moved, plugged back in at their new location, and all rebooted. Unfortunately we have very little control (read:none) over how long this takes, although they assure us it won't be terribly long.

If you depend on EBSQ for image hosting (or templates that use images from EBSQ) please keep the above date/time in mind. For those that list auctions on eBay, please avoid listing items that will end near or in that time span.

The eighteen hours mentioned is a 'worst case' scenario - we expect it to be more like eight hours.

To keep posted on this and other EBSQ news, particularly for times when the site may be down for one reason or another, please bookmark

Be sure to spread the word! And thanks for your patience!
Tags: scheduled_downtime

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