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Encore live presentation: Photography Basics--Tonight!

Due to the popularity of this month's EBSQ Live workshop-style presentation, Tina has graciously agreed to do a second session for folks that missed the first:
Intro to Photography Basics 101

hosted by EBSQ Self-Representing Artists and Tina Maravelis
Monday, April 23, at 9pm Eastern (6pm Pacific)
EBSQ Chat Room

"Time to Think" by Tina Maravelis

F-stops, Shutter and ISO; what does that all really mean?

In this intro Live we will discuss and learn about the three main keys in photography. Learning about these three elements will assist the beginner and even the intermediates! You need to have an understanding about these elements in order to really have a grasp on photography as well as build your confidence is using a camera in manual mode.

We will cover:

F-Stops, Shutter, and ISO meanings from technical to lahman terms

How they all relate to each other when taking a photograph

How each element works on its own

What they all control in order to take a better photograph

Tips for remembering how to use each element

Tina will be taking your questions on this topic at the end of the session. Be sure to join us April 10th and come armed with your photography questions!

About the presenter:
Tina M. Maravelis was born in Queens, New York in 1974 and currently resides in Dutchess County, New York. Her inner desire for something more in life became a reality in 2000 when she started using her innovative talents to create unique, visually attractive abstract art, from her Nature Photography. Tina’s unique gifts were inspired by her late grandmother whose essence lives on today through her spirituality and creative expression. Her grandmother was the key that unlocked her inner creative door and never ceases to close.

LIVE! is open to members and non-members and we encourage all who are interested to attend. The evening starts at promptly at 9 PM EST so be sure to arrive a few minutes early.

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