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Upcoming Show: Images of India

This show is open to Juried Members of EBSQ Plus
Entry deadline: 25 July 2004


India has long held sway over the fascination of many. It is mysterious, complex, colorful, violent, peaceful and exciting. It can be fluid and rigid at the same time. For some, it is an alien and captivating world. For others it is familiar yet no less captivating.

Take your own journey into India. Explore the rich culture through the lens of the past or the present. View India from a secular angle or a religious one. Let your path lead you through the urban world or the rural landscape. Perhaps, you will find yourself at many of these points.

Use whatever method of "travel" you choose to take you to the Subcontinent. Feel free to utilize histories, religious texts, folk tales and legends. Film and cookbooks are also excellent resources. Below is a suggested list of authors and books. Remember, these are just "suggested" so don't feel bound to them.

To provide context for the viewer, artists must include supporting text for each piece entered explaining how their piece works within the theme as well as the resources used.

Authors to explore:

Kamala Markandaya
Rabindranath Tagore
V.S. Naipaul
Arundhati Roy
E.M. Forster
Salman Rushdie


Kamala Markandaya - Nectar in a Sieve
Jhumpa Lahiri - Interpreter of Maladies
Vikram Chandra - Red Earth and Pouring Rain
Hasan Shah - Nautch Girl
R.K.Narayan - The Vendor of Sweets
Ruth Prawer Jhabvala - Heat and Dust
Anita Desai - Clear Light of Day
Premchand - The Gift of a Cow
Kalpana Bardhan - Of Women, Outcastes, Peasants, and Rebels: A Selection of Short Stories
Kali for Women, ed. - Truth Tales: Contemporary Stories Written by Women Writers of India
John Stratton Hawley & Mark Juergensmeyer, ed. & trans.- Songs of the Saints of India
Manmatha Nath Dutt - A Prose English Translation of the Mahabharata

Juror: John Seed

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