Amie (wickedgillie) wrote in ebsq,

Still time to sign up for EBSQ's 6th Annual Ripped Off Show!

It's time for EBSQ's 6th Annual "Ripped Off" show. This event celebrates some good old fashioned American values-- protection for, and value of our creativity by our government, freedom of speech, and most importantly--the pursuit of happiness. This is one of the most enjoyable group efforts of the year, where we let our fellows take our "sacred" creations and poke fun, pun, and in general have a great time.

This show is by prior arrangement only, as members work in pairs.You can find a partner to participate with on the EBSQ message boards. Just look
under "EBSQ Official Business - EBSQ Exhibitions"

Artists MUST reference the original artist and the title(s) of the work referenced in their statement. We recommend including a picture of the original as well, although it's not required. Also, please tell us a bit about what made you choose the piece you did and the materiels and process you used to create it. If you have any questions regarding the prospectus and its requirements, please send them to edu @ ebsqart . com.

Tags: collaborative+art+opportunity, community+project, ebsq, ripped+off, shows

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