Amie (wickedgillie) wrote in ebsq,

Call for submissions: Life as a self-representing artist

EBSQ is currenly looking for short essays from self-representing artists about their experiences presenting their own work directly to the public and all that involves. How do you market yourself? What have your struggles been? What have you seen as the benefits of working this way? What advice do you have for the fledgling artist who is considering self-representation?

Submissions should be no more than 1000 words and are due by 30 August 2006. The best of the best will be published in the upcoming issue of the EBSQ zine and will include a link to your EBSQ profile as well as an image of your work. Plain text submissions should be sent to info (at) ebsqart (dot) com with ESSAY in the subject heading. This call for submissions is open to EBSQ members only.

We look forward to hearing from you!
Tags: call+for+submissions, ebsq

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