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preparing for Elvis

[Hi, I'm a painter-- I self-rep and also work through the gallery system. Now I am an artist blogger for EBSQ. You can read my resume here for a sense of my professional activity. But what keeps me going is the ability to communicate and share work with other artists online.

Last summer I moved to the tiny town of Monmouth IL, rented a storefront, and began painting in full view of the public. I didn't imagine that I would develop an art market-- I did it to connect with other people and get some local eyes on my work.

With that background, maybe this entry will make some kind of sense.

Oh, and EBSQ rocks. :)

Al Hull, Elvis impersonator extraordinaire, is coming to the Rivoli Theatre tonight-- right next to my open studio.

I meant to be open for theatre events, ever since I rented the space. Hadn't yet done it. But my landlord stopped by, gave me love for my new goofy landscapes, and pointed out very sweetly that it sure would be great if I was open for the King.

My back studio door opens onto the hallway used by theatre patrons to access the Bijou Bar (on the other side of my storefront from the theatre) and the restrooms.

I bought strings of white lights and put them in the front windows and around the back door to attract people in. I am gonna prop a canvas that says something clever like:

ART ------>

...on a barstool out in the hall.

Unfortunately painting signage completely freaks me out. So the sign, as you see, is blank. I have maybe three more hours left to paint the sign or else the wet acrylic will get on people if they brush against the sign. Instead of painting the sign, I am blogging.

Stringing up lights so they look good is harder than I thought.As you see I ended up kinda puddling the lights along the bottom of the windows. I think I need about six more strings of lights. Must sell painting.

Decided the dotty water tower was my MOST Elvis painting, and so hung it back in the window. See above.

Oh Elvis. How I want to be worthy!

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