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New Kid in Town: Imagekind

EBSQ is proud to partner with Imagekind, a start-up from Seattle that offers some amazing print-on-demand technology coupled with a bazillion fine-art framing options. Like EBSQ, they're passionate about empowering artists, so it seemed like an ideal compliment to our services. EBSQ members can now link directly to their Imagekind profiles directly from their EBSQ portfolios. Also, you'll find a search button on our site's front page that links to all member art tagged with "EBSQ." Don't yet have an Imagekind account? They offer a basic account for free, and if you'd like to up the ante, they made a sweet deal open to paid members of EBSQ--$70 off an annual accont! (yup, that's right, an annual account for $24.99!!)

Keep an eye out for more details in our next newsletter, or visit our forums now!
Tags: art, ebsq, framing, imagekind, marketing, on-demand technology, pod, print on demand, reproductions, self-representing artists, special deal, startup, thisisgood

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