Amie (wickedgillie) wrote in ebsq,

Art category added to The Good Blogs

A few months ago, I attended PhoneCon where I met Jeneane Sessum who turned me on to Vernon Lun at The Good Blogs. After some conversations with Vernon, they're proud to add a widget specifically for all of you art bloggers (and art bloghounds) out there. I even got to help hand-pick some of the first blogs represented! If you have a journal other than LJ, there's a good chance the widget is compatible with your platform.

And if you know of any great artblogs to recommend for this blog roll, let us know and we'll put a bug in Vernon's ear to get it added to the list!
Tags: art, blog, blogging, blogs, ebsq, jeneane sessum, marketing, the good blog, vernon lun

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