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Pure Information - A Few EBSQ Gallery Definitions

For those who use the EBSQ Galleries, what belongs where can be confusing. Because of this, EBSQ Gallery definitions will be posted here. As there are quite a few, they will be posted a few at a time.

3-D Art
Art created to be viewed in three dimensions. Not for art that has been created to give the appearance of three dimensions.
Adult Content
Art of an explicit nature; either in content – full frontal nudity, etc. or subject – sexual depictions. If it belongs in Adult Content, it should not be found in other galleries.
EBSQ is aware that what belongs in the Adult Content can be subjective. Because of the large numbers of visitors to this site, we have chosen to be conservative in what we feel should be included in this gallery.
Animal and Wildlife
Art featuring animals - either domestic or wild.
Architectural Art
Art featuring buildings and structures.
Artistic Nudes
Nudes depicted in an artistic and tasteful manner. Not for graphic depictions. Art appearing in this gallery should not appear in other galleries unless only the back is displayed.
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