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Art Residency

The creative process can often be a fragile thing. It's no wonder that when we're swamped in work, family needs, and the chaos of everyday life, our creative momentum can suffer. Many of us, however, don't have our own quiet retreat to slip away to in order to recharge our motivational batteries.

Consider an Artist Residency! There are so many different programs available and everyone is likely to find a retreat that will fit their needs. Most offer room and board in addition to private studio space, and residencies can last anywhere from two weeks to several months. Some residencies even offer scholarships to help you get there and back and others include a stipend for any other expenses during your stay.

Our country's National Parks offer a range of residence programs across the country. The park service offers these opportunities to capture the spirit of the landscape in art and to be able to share that vision with the public. As an Artist in Residence, the participant will be expected to work with visitors by hosting a show, a demonstration, class, or similar interaction. Many parks also ask for a donated artwork as well.

The MacDowell Colony in New Hampshire allows for both private work time as well as the opportunity to connect with ones peers. There are regular presentations, performances, and open studios by fellow artists, in order to foster community growth, and many residents form strong bonds that they take home with them. Several MacDowell alumni have gone on to collaborate in later years and many return to MacDowell for additional residencies.

Other residencies, like Jentel in rural Wyoming, offer almost exclusive privacy while you follow your inner voice. With beautiful facilities and full access to the property, there is an ample inspiration to draw from.

Here are a number of interesting residencies to consider:

Whether you're attracted to giving back to the public, forming new artistic community, or enriching your personal creative growth, art residencies will allow you the time to clarify your artistic vision and grant you the gift of uninterrupted time.
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