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circling again

Oh woe is me. I'm in my studio. The heat is on, coffee is made, lights are on, fresh palette paper down, brushes organized. I have a big bag of baby carrots so I don't even have to leave to find food. But I'm doing my goldfish-on-coffee routine-- circling wall to wall, trying to get started. On something. So. Now I'm blogging instead of painting.

I WANT to start a new painting. I don't have a suitable canvas-- not at my studio, not at home. I checked, and got overwhelmed by all the old sad paintings waiting for me to work on them.

It's an hour and a half in the car to get another canvas, and it means shutting down my studio and losing a half day of painting time.

Meanwhile, I have two works in progress already on my easel (!) and maybe six thick, thick, thick stacks of paintings that need some work. Starting a new painting makes zero sense.

I have maybe 20 assorted very small works I'd be happy to be rid of for $40 including shipping. And the gifty season approaches. But hauling them out, touching them up, shooting them and getting them on the web? There goes my week. And it is Thanksgiving week so it is a short week anyway.

And I'm sure there are shows I need to apply for, and I need to pull together this one series so I can try to find shows for it. And and and!

Not asking for advice. Usually when I describe the problem well enough, some solutions become obvious. Yes, in fact, it is quite clear. I need a studio assistant. ;)
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