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Art and the Internet: The Great Equalizer

I just had a nice chat with Hadyn Shaughnessy, who covers digital culture for the Irish Times. We were talking about how the advent of broadband in general and EBSQ in particular has helped change the landscape of the art world. I know that companies like ours help artists connect with each other in a way that wasn't possible as recently as a decade ago, and I know for me personally that it's been a pleasure getting out of the vacuum of creating art entirely on my own to being immersed in this creative community. Between that and mining the collective wisdom offered in our forums about selling, shipping, media, and philosopy, it's made a huge difference to me and my ability to sell my work for the prices I want to sell at and actually making a living at this. You don't have to live in New York or San Francisco any more to have an successful art career. And to me, that's simply amazing. 

Inistiogue Bridge by Jenny Doss

Inistiogue Bridge by Jenny Doss

And so I throw the question out to you: how has EBSQ changed life for you as a working artist?</font>
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