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EBSQ's Newly Revamped AOTD: The early reviews are in!

The early reviews are in!

I am really impressed with the new format.  It is very neatly formatted and easy to navigate.  So much up front information with easy access.   I LOVE IT.

One problem I ran into.  I wanted to send a post card and it asked for me to log in with my log in name and password.   YUCK   I am lazy and really hate to add this info.   Did I do something wrong or is this the only way to send a postcard? 

LOVE it!!!  I don't have much time to check my e-mails in the morning and this is great.  I love seeing the new art of the day....but often if the "subject matter"  doesn't interest me, I don't have time to go look and probably miss some good art.  Thanks for the change.


Love the new layout! GREAT JOB!!!

love it!!!!!
much brighter and easier to use.

I like it! It looks much cleaner and professional. I also like that you can see that art in the email without having to click a link.

Great job!

 It is so much easier to enjoy the artwork at first glance now that I don't have to open a seperate window to view the featured artist's work.

Our computer can be quite fickle at times; not to mention, downright slow!

Keep up the good work as we all know that an artist's talent is what makes this old Earth more interesting to live in.


I like it. It looks very professional..

I like the new format but the font size is far too tiny for my old eyes.........

 Hi ~

The new layout looks great! Classy, clean and efficent to see the art right in the email. Great job!

Thanks for your efforts...


I LOVE it! How exciting to see it RIGHT in the mail!

Love the new design!!!


EBSQ Art of the Day revamp...Fantastico!  I love the fact that all the pieces are available for purchase this week and there is a link to them on Ebay. Thanks for all you do!


   I don't like this "new" format! I like that moment of anticipation BEFORE it "just appears"! It's like a present, being wrapped or just handed to you!  and reading about what the subject is gives time to ponder.
   Another problem is that the spacing is just CRAMPED on the left side! The placement of the picture should be centered, for balance.(or at least "some" space to the left)
   I DO look forward to these pics daily!!! I wasn't fond of last week's factories.  I suppose it is tough coming up with new & different topics!

 Thanks to one and all for your feedback!

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