Amie (wickedgillie) wrote in ebsq,

EBSQ in The Irish Times

If you're lucky enough to be in Ireland (or have a paid subscription to The Irish Times' premium content online) you might have caught this article on Monday. But if you're not so lucky, writer Haydn Shaughnessy was kind enough to republish the full-text in his blog. Some of his numbers are a bit on the high side (we only have 15k registered members and patrons combined, for example) and Pittsburgh isn't exactly rural Pennsylvania by rural Pennsylvania standards (although I think there are folks in the US that would disagree, lol), but I do think he got the core of our message bang on the nose.  

EBSQ was founded on the belief that we are stronger when we work together to bring exposure to our art and artists by tagging, word of mouth, blogging, doing shows together, etc.  Is our business structure replicable? Definitely.  But EBSQ grew organically out of the community it was created to serve and we would not still be here in our seventh year without our fantastic community supporting us. And so, for that, we thank you.
Tags: art, article, ebsq, haydn shaughnessy, in the news, irish times, thank you

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