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From the Editor: February 2007

Glow by Dawn Lee Thompson
Dawn Lee Thompson

We've already been busy with pre-spring cleaning this year (yeah, we know it's mid-winter, but we're optomists!) If you're already a subscriber to our daily Art of the Day mailer, you've already gotten a taste of the new things happening at EBSQ. Other little tweaks with a big impact include our new "footer" at the bottom of each page to make navigating our site just a little more intuitive. I've personally been using it quite a bit, and hopefully you'll enjoy using it as well!

In even bigger news, we're pleased to announce we're adding support in our online tools for two more sales platforms: Etsy and Art By Us. Etsy is your place to buy and sell all things handmade. Artist-run auction venue is becoming the premier online art marketplace providing real artworks by living artists and their art representatives. EBSQ'ers can now link directly to their shops and auctions on these sites directly from their portfolios. We hope you'll continue to search for EBSQ at both sites to find great work being offered directly by EBSQ members! Etsy support is already live and you'll find Art By Us support added later this month.

One more place to find us online is Flickr. Check us out!
A photo on FlickrA photo on FlickrA photo on Flickr
photos in EBSQMore photos in EBSQ

May Punxsutawney Phil be kind and send you an early spring full of delightful things!

Amie Gillingham, editor
1 February 2007

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