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Clarifying Some Gallery Definitions

It's great that so many people are using the galleries to display their art work because it really is a wonderful tool for finding art and for being found by others. There are however, a lot of gallery choices and we have noticed that there are some galleries that seem to get more misplaced art than others. So that everyone can take the fullest possible advantage of all the galleries, here is a list of the definitions for those that appear to be the most problematic. If you have any questions about these, or any other galleries, please drop a line to
3-D Art
Art created to be viewed in three dimensions. Not for art that has been created to give the appearance of three dimensions.
Book Arts
Handmade or altered books. Pages from a book hand created by the artist - the entire page. Illustrations, art that could be or will one day be included in a book, etc. belong in the Illustration Gallery.
Doll Art, Artist Made
Dolls handmade by the artist. Not for paintings, drawings or other two dimensional renderings of dolls.

Functional Art
Art that has been created, not just for aesthetics or expression, but also has a practical functionand purpose beyond decoration or ornamentation.  Scarves, jackets, ornament holders, etc. serve a function. Earrings, pins, ornaments, etc. are purely decorative or ornamental.
OSWOA: Original Small Works Of Art
OSWOA's are works of art sized 4x6 or 6x4 only. They must fit into 4x6 photo album sleeves and they must be original works of art - not prints. If the work is digital art or a photograph, only one copy can be considered an OSWOA. There are no limited or open edition OSWOA's
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