blumoo (blu_moo) wrote in ebsq,

A Weekend Drawing Assignment

When I was in Junior High, one of the things I liked about art class was doing contour drawings. We did a lot of them. I did them in art classes as I got older but not as often and I haven't done one in a long time. So, I was thinking that it would be interesting to invite everyone to do a contour drawing and post the results here. 
Here is your assignment should you choose to accept it.
Produce a contour drawing of whatever is on your kitchen table. No arranging, no making things neat - as is. Of course no peeking while drawing and no tweaking the drawing when done to make it look better.  (Or in my case, recognizable.)
When you are done, post your efforts here for all to see and enjoy. (Or in my case, for the amusement of all.)

I look forward to seeing what we do and just what is on everyone's kitchen table.

Tags: assignment, drawing, ebsq
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