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EBSQ May Show - Flannery O'Connor

Challenge yourself this month with the Flannery O'Connor show. Perhaps she is an author that you are unfamiliar with, but Flannery O'Connor's short stories are readable and thought provoking. Her work is well worth introducing yourself to and has the potential to inspire an interesting artistic experience. If her work is known to you, this is an opportunity illustrate the impact her words have had on you through your art. 
This has the potential to be a very interesting show and I am eager to see what EBSQ artists can do with this theme.

From 5/1/2007 thru 5/31/2007
...And Other Stories: Interpreting The Work Of Flannery O’Connor

Trying to describe the writings of Flannery O'Connor to someone unfamiliar with her work is daunting. How do you use words like allegorical, disturbing and grotesque and make people want to explore her further? Much of O'Connor's work is set in the south. Her characters are morally flawed. She creates stories of sin, grace, epiphany, transformation and redemption. She fills these stories with sardonic humor, irony and humanity. Her writing is spare and powerful and her dialogue is vivid. There is much in her work to not only hold the interest but provoke thought.

For this show, we invite the artist to delve into the stories of Flannery O'Connor and use them to inspire their work. Entries do not have to illustrate a scene or an event from O'Connor's work and can be allegorical. Entries can draw on more that one work. Regardless of how the selected work is represented by the artist, the entry's relationship to the story must be fairly obvious. The relationship should not be so obscure that it is a reach to connect the two, nor should it be so general that it can be connected to just about any story. These relationships can and should be supported by the artist's statement but should not rely on the artist's statement alone to make the connection. Once the statement is read, the connection should be obvious when looking at the piece and not just because the statement says so.

"...And Other Stories: Interpreting The Work Of Flannery O'Connor" does present a challenge, but it's an interesting challenge. This show is open to all media. Please feel free to explore this subject in the manner that best suits you. Information on Flannery O'Connor and a bibliography can be found here.'Connor

An artist's statement is required for every entry. Please include in your statement information on what work(s) you drew from, what your piece represents and what made you choose your subject . Details regarding the materials and process must be included. As texture or other small elements may be pivotal to the piece, detail shots are strongly encouraged. All points of the prospectus need to be met. If you have any questions regarding the prospectus and its requirements, please send them to

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