Amie (wickedgillie) wrote in ebsq,

James Pearson: Playing Out at Exit In

This comes to us from the lovely Mrs. Pearson:

For Those About To Rock... and are in the Nashville area, James will be playing at Exit In as part of a band May 11th. Anyone in Nashville knows this dirty ole dive as it has seen its share of the pick of musicians over the years. So if you are in for a taste of Brit pop, the tunes will be off a new cd just recorded in JP's studio by Billy Swayze. They are playing as Billy Swayze and Black Market Peep Show, and are the opening band. For those of you who are artists and musicians, you know that the music feeds the art and the art feeds the music. And hey, if you are an avid fan (ha ha) you have to fly in to see the show, be sure to take a look at James' art show still up at the Nashville Int'l Airport.

-dwp (wife & groupie)

And if you can't make it to Nashville for the music or the art? You can always check out James' portfolio at EBSQ
Tags: art, billy swayze, black market peep show, ebsq, exit in, james pearson, music, nashville, rocknroll

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