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Matriarchs Show

There are a lot of entries in "More Than Birth: Matriarchs, Mothers And Mothering". I notice that most of these deal with  a mother and child. This is the traditional view of motherhood and it has a place in this show,but the name of the show is "More Than Birth..." and there are a few more days left in the month and I would love to see some more entries that celebrate the many other facets of the meaning of mother added to the wonderful entries already in the show. There are many women who do "give the gift of mothering to those other than their children." Let's remember these women who are - as the prospectus says,  "often overlooked... in our lives and communities who deserve our respect, our love and our thanks."

I am including the prospectus and if you have any questions, please - let me know.


A mother and child - it's an image that we are all familiar with, but it is does not encompass the many meanings of "Mother". Many women give the gift of mothering to those other than their children. There are families with women who are have taken the concept of mother and spread it across her entire family; sometimes a large extended family. These women are the matriarchs that keep families rooted and make sure that their history and traditions are remembered. There are women who, with the touch of a mother, work in their communities for the good and care of others.

Cultures though out time and through out the world have revered such women of strength. They valued women of wisdom who taught and cared for others and they referred to them as "Mother". This month, EBSQ celebrates these women. This show is dedicated to these often overlooked mothers in our lives and communities who deserve our respect, our love and our thanks.

This show is open to all media. A statement detailing the materials, process, some information about your subject and what made you choose your subject is required. This increases understanding of your work and significantly enhances the experience for the viewer. As texture or other small elements may be pivotal to the piece, detail shots are encouraged. Eligible entries need to meet all points of the prospectus. If you have any questions regarding the prospectus and its requirements, please send them to

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