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EBSQ LIVE! June 11th, 9 PM EST

This month's EBSQ Live:
Collagraph Printing 

hosted by EBSQ Self-Representing Artists and Paul Helm
Monday, June 11th, at 9pm Eastern (6pm Pacific)
EBSQ Chat Room



Schley Fish by Paul Helm
"Schley Fish" by Paul Helm

Collagraph - literally a print from a collage - is a highly versatile and exciting printmaking process. Whereas collage is usually the assembly of several different images, collagraph is the of different textures to produce a single image, which can be as simple or as complex as you like. It is suitable for children or for fine artists.

Collagraph appeals to artists who like an experimental approach to image making, trial and error, the happy accident and surprises. It is wonderful for creating rich textures and marks. It is an economical process and I will show you how you can use scraps and commonly found materials.

Each print from a collagraph plate will be different, so it can be called a monoprint or 'one of a kind' which adds value.

UK artist and printmaker Paul Helm spent 25 years in the commercial print and publishing industry. He has also had his own picture framing business and gallery. Traditional printmaking has always interested him and he likes to combine different techniques.

Please Make a Note of the Time by your Zone:

Pacific 6 pm
Mountain 7 pm
Central 8 pm
Eastern 9 pm
Or find out what time this is where you are.

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