Amie (wickedgillie) wrote in ebsq,

NEW! EBSQ Artists Sellers Community now online at LJ!

We're pleased to announce EBSQ's newest community on live journal: buy_ebsq_art

This community was created as a place for you to share your newest work and the places where it's available online or out in the brick and mortar art world. While it's officially sanctioned, we plan to stay hands-off for the most part and let you guys do your thing. If you're an EBSQ paid member artist, we invite you to join the community and post your wares! Once the community is a bit more populated, we'll be further publicizing the link to the general public. In the interim, show us your stuff...and tell your friends!

Huge cheers,
-Amie Gillingham
director, EBSQ
find art. share art. support living artists!
Tags: art, buy ebsq art, ebsq, im in ur lj pimpin ur warez, marketing, new community

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