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EBSQ: Art Meets Blog
News from the Self-Representing Artists Community
From the desk of Amie Gillingham, August 2007
I'm Too Sexy... by Ashley Butler Bryan
Ashley Butler Bryan

Last month, I think it's safe to say that I got a couple of bees in my bonnet. I was mad at some sources of the media (and within the artworld itself) disparaging the self-representing artists movement. And I managed to start what ended up being EBSQ's most positive kerfuffle ever when I posted a call to action on going public with more of our forums so we can reach out to the wider world (and they in turn can reach out to us, with a little help from Google). What ensued was a flurry of activity which resulted in some major developments in our private member forums.

We're combining some logical forums into bigger shared space to get more folks talking to each other. We created an entire new section for member-created workshops (our composition workshop in particular is really jumping!) And our discussion about our media / genre specific forums spurred a series of conversations that led to a whole new approach to how we organize our discussions about art. Check out our new Art and Process section! Huge props go out to Harlan and Kris Jean for their extreme out-of-the-box thinking during this huge community brainstorm. And perhaps the best news is that we'll slowly but surely be cracking open a "window" into our community life by making a few more forums public. We'll be starting this month by public-izing sections on Art Supplies 101 and Topics in Art History. We invite you to stop by and say hello. If you're not a paid member, but have a free account on our site, you'll have automatic posting access to these sections. And if you're not yet a site patron, it's free and easy to sign-up here! Your contribution to and participation in these newly public sections will be a vote of confidence in EBSQ's forums moving toward a more public face in the future. Hope to see you there!

Amie Gillingham
1 August 2007
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From: (Anonymous) Date: August 3rd, 2007 11:08 pm (UTC) (Link)

about the bees in your bonnet


It goes without saying most of the time, but thank God for saying what you did. As I see more and more people adding an online presence to every facet of business you can imagine, many are doing it primarily from a fear that by NOT venturing online, they'll be deemed as amateurs or worse yet, not up to speed. That translates into a distrust of some folks in doing business with anyone that has no website.

Since the traditional art world is structured the way it is, you'd better believe that not only do some artists (and more specifically non artists working in the industry) feel threatened, they're downright terrified that they'll be seen as irrelevant. Fortunately for them, there's still a strong infrastructure to feed on for a while yet.

In ten years, many of those art pundits will profoundly regret having irrevocably placed their negative opinions web-wide.

No wonder crows are becoming trendy. Many will be eating them soon enough ;-)

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