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EBSQ LIVE! August 13th, 9 PM EST

This month's EBSQ Live:

Repurposed: T-shirt to skirt

hosted by EBSQ Self-Representing Artists and Haze McElhenny Cerrato
Monday, August 13th, at 9pm Eastern (6pm Pacific)
EBSQ Chat Room

Photo Courtesy of Ben Marietta, GA
Photo Courtesy of Ben Marietta, GA

This month Haze Cerrato will show us how to take our old t-shirts and turn them into funky, stylish skirts. Not only is it a "how to" on making a great skirt, it is small way to be socially conscious by repurposing something languishing in the back of a drawer instead of buying something new. So cool.

Haze currently lives in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania with her husband and their three cats. She has one son who has recently matriculated to The Citadel in Charleston, SC.

Please Make a Note of the Time by your Zone:

Pacific 6 pm
Mountain 7 pm
Central 8 pm
Eastern 9 pm
Or find out what time this is where you are.

EBSQ Live! Procedures

You can join the chat through the EBSQ website by simply clicking on the chat button on the community page of our site. Pick a nickname and select "login."

When you enter the chat please be patient as things get started. During Live! presentations please refrain from saying "Hello" to everyone who enters or "Bye" to everyone leaving early. Though that is nice in casual chat it is not conducive to staying within the schedule and you can always stay to visit for Coffee Talk after EBSQ Live! wraps up!

As the Live! session begins there will be a short time for any announcements and an introduction of the first presenter. Each presentation has 10-15 minutes scheduled and a 10 minute question/answer period afterwards before the next session starts. Resources and visual images may be included in some of these mini-workshops for you to click on to open them in your web browser. Questions and comments will be taken in order and if you don't get yours in then please feel free to ask after Live! concludes. If you like what you are seeing and want to have a copy of the information, then keep an eye out for the Session to be posted on the web for you to review later.

Are you new to chat? Don't worry! It is as simple as typing. However, you are not required to actively participate during the Live! presentations so sit back and soak in the information.

EBSQ Live! Rules of Conduct

This is our professional forum for real time exchange and all conduct should reflect this standard. Any inappropriate or abusive behavior will result in the immediate removal of the offending party from the EBSQ Live! session and may even result in a permanent ban. This is not debatable.

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