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EBSQ: Art Meets Blog
News from the Self-Representing Artists Community
Last Week Before "For Sale - Art Of The Day" Goes Live!
Don't forget to get you OSWOA ready, listed and in the galleries by this weekend. Make sure that you have "EBSQ" and "OSWOA" in the title of any work you want considered for Art Of The Day. I hope that there will be a lot of people participating. It's an excellent opportunity to get your work seen and get OSWOA's more exposure.

Here is all the information again...

The "For Sale - Art Of The Day" theme for August will be "OSWOA - Original Small Works Of Art". For those of you unfamiliar with OSWOA's, see below for more information. "For Sale - Art Of The Day" will run August 27th - September 2nd. The deadline for having your completed work in the EBSQ Galleries is 9AM Sunday, August 26th.

Artists who wish to create new work for the "OSWOA" themed Art Of The Day may do so. Anyone who would like their work to be considered for this sales week should have their work in the EBSQ galleries as well as listed for sale on eBay, Etsy, or Imagekind before Sunday, August 26th. All the art for Art of the Day is selected and formatted before the start of each week and is closed to additions once the week begins.  Remember to be sure to include "EBSQ" and “OSWOA" somewhere in your title and description both on EBSQ and at the sales venue of your choice.

Work for this Art Of The Day will be chosen in the same manner as regular Art Of The Day work. The artwork will epitomize the theme as well as compliment the other pieces to be included that week. I wish that we could feature everything that fits a theme but we obviously can't. However, artists not included in the AOTD line up will still benefit. There will be something very obvious in every "For Sale - Art Of The Day" write-up stating that there are many other works available and how they can be found. 

As always,  if you have any questions, please drop me a line at

OSWOA: Original Small Works Of Art
OSWOA's are works of art sized 4x6 or 6x4 only. They must fit into 4x6 photo album sleeves and they must be original works of art - not prints. If the work is digital art or a photograph, only one copy can be considered an OSWOA. There are no limited or open edition OSWOA's

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