blumoo (blu_moo) wrote in ebsq,

Hurry! The Elvis Challenge is winding down!!

If you want to participate, you should! Here is the info. 

Ok inspired by the 30th anniversary of *The King's* death -and- Nellie's Trip, we are going to have an ELVIS challenge in the Fantasy, Anime, Gothic & Comic Book Art Genre.

The rules are as follows.....

  • Elvis must be an element of your creation.
  • The Elvis element can be the *real* Elvis or an *impersonator*, or *merchandise*.
  • All medias welcome
  • The Elvis element must be prominent.
  • Bonus points for peanut butter & banana sandwiches.
  • The artwork needs to fall under the Fantasy, Anime, Gothic or Comic Book STYLE/CONCEPT. (So be creative!!!!)
  • Please submit new creations only.
  • Deadline: Sept 30th, 2007.

There will be a prize but that is TBA. It could be cheese it could be nice......have no clue yet.......LMAO!! 

Tags: ebsq, elvis challenge, graceland, las vegas, peanut butter and banna, the king

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