Amie (wickedgillie) wrote in ebsq,

EBSQ Permanent Account Sale: This Weekend ONLY!

Birthday Girl by Christina Friedrichsen
Christina Friedrichsen

Maybe you're new to EBSQ. Maybe you've been here a while. Either way, we'd love for you to be part of our 7th anniversary celebration. We're offering permanent (lifetime) memberships for $325 instead of the usual $650 price. Just think--no more membership fees, unlimited image hosting, access to all of the EBSQ services you already know and love (we hope!), and uninterrupted access to our community. Your faith in EBSQ's future will allow us to build a lot of the things on your wish list and help us as a community get that much closer to reaching our full potential. This special discount will be available starting October 5 and will run through 12:01am eastern on October 9. Thank you for believing in EBSQ and helping us further our mission to support living artists!

Intrigued? Learn more about this offer at!

Tags: 7th anniversary, ebsq, ebsqart, permanent account, sale, special offer, woot!

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