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Did you miss the most recent EBSQ Newsletter? Catch it while it's hot!

We hope you'll indulge us with our longer-than-usual newsletter; we have a lot of news!


EBSQ Permanent Account Half-Off sale--this weekend only!

To continue our 7th anniversary celebration, we're offering permanent (lifetime) memberships $325 instead of the usual $650 price. Just think--no more membership fees, unlimited image hosting, access to all of the EBSQ services you already know and love (we hope!), and uninterrupted access to our community. Your faith in EBSQ's future will allow us to build a lot of the things on your wish list and help us as a community get that much closer to reaching our full potential. This special discount will be available starting October 5 and will run through 11:59pm eastern on October 8. Please check out our special sale page for further details. Thank you for believing in EBSQ and helping us further our mission to support living artists!


This month, EBSQ wants you to Think Pink!

October is breast cancer awareness month, and we'd like to honor the many survivors in our midst with this month's benefit show. For more information, view the full prospectus.

We encourage all participating artists to donate a minimum $5 per entry to help us raise funds for this cause. You can donate (or check to see how we're doing with our fundraising goals) directly on the Susan G. Komen website.

To reward both your artistry and your generosity, EBSQ is offering a $100 cash prize to the highest peer-voted entry by a contributor to EBSQ's Passionately Pink fund. Any entry can win an award, but only contributors are eligible for the cash prize. In the event that Member's Choice winner didn't contribute, the prize money will go to the next highest voted eligible entry. Yes, that's an outright bribe to contribute :)


Special joint-show added to the schedule

EBSQ is pleased to announce Art of the Equestrian, a juried exhibit done in conjunction with ImageKind.

Review the full prospectus.

We thought you'd be particularly interested in the prizes being offered by our partner, Imagekind:

  • A 100 Dollar Gift Certificate, good for anything you can create or buy on Imagekind.
  • A Free One Year Membership for Imagekind at the Platinum level. If the artist already has a membership at the Platinum level, they can just add it on to their current membership.
  • A Free Media Kit of Imagekind’s Fine Paper Samples This is excellent to have when meeting with clients in person.
  • One Free Print On Your Choice Of Paper at any size your digital file will allow.
  • Your Work And Gallery Will Be Featured For One Week On Imagekind's Homepage. This feature will be in the same area where the "3 Weekly Featured Artists" are displayed.

And the fine print for participation: All eligible work must be listed on both EBSQ AND Imagekind. All work not appearing on Imagekind will be removed from the show before it goes to our juror for consideration. To help us find your work there, please include "ebsq" and "equestrian" in your tags on Imagekind.


Speaking of shows, you can vote now on the following exhibits:

Reimagining Seuss:

Lifting the Veil: The Art & Tools of Divination:

Flower of the Month - Hibiscus:

...and if you are an EBSQ member and would like to weigh in on next year's exhibits (or sign up for the annual EBSQ portrait swap) we invite you to check out the exhibition section of the EBSQ member forums.


EBSQ Juried Artists will be accepting applications October 5th

The fall jurying session is now upon us. We'll be accepting applications for new juried artists between October 5-20. We strongly recommend you attend (virtually) the info session scheduled for 10 October if you have any questions about the process. More information about this program and the info session can be found in our zine.

There is a non-refundable $10 application fee, which should be sent via PayPal to with "juried artist" as your subject.


And a Quick Programming Note

Don't forget to mark your calendars for this month's EBSQ Live with Amethyst Lobster this coming Monday at 9pm Eastern. 

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