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The Music In Me - An Abstract Challenge

You are the music while the music lasts.
T. S. Eliot
Ever notice how some people seem to, for lack of a better description, walk to the beat of their own drummer?  Do you find it true that certain tunes can inspire an entire body of work, the outcome of a day, or the motivation to keep going?  Are you ever affected by a song or score long after the melody has concluded?
Starting November 1st and running through December 31st, we will be having an Abstract Forum Challenge:  The Music in Me!
The rules:
- Must be arguably abstract (abstract expressionism, abstract representational, geometric abstract, organic abstract, etc…..)
- Must have an explanation, however brief or lengthy, of how it was inspired by music, is about music, shows music in relation to you, or somehow relates back to the theme.  The concern is not how you interpret “The Music in Me,” but rather that an explanation is provided to help others better understand abstract art and perhaps gain a greater appreciation for abstract art.
- Open to any media under the sun
- Must be done by you (duh)
Please Post your image in the "Post 'Em Here" thread in the Abstract section on the EBSQ Forum. If you have a question, you can post it in "The Music In Me" thread. Be sure add Music Abstract Challenge to your keywords when and if you add it to your portfolio.

THE PRIZE --- A gift certificate to Micheal's!!  WOO WOO

- Lisa Thornton Whittaker
Tags: challenge, ebsq. absract, lisa thornton whittaker, music

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