blumoo (blu_moo) wrote in ebsq,

Last Days Of The Ornament/Pendant Challenge!!

We're coming into the home stretch on the "Challenge! Draw or Stamp your Ornament Pendant Charm". If you have something, post it, if you have been meaning to do one, do it and if you are just now noticing, go eat and then make something!

The 30th is the last day to enter and Mary Lu (Amethyst Lobster or Lobsterlu here on the boards) is offering some of her jewelry as a prize. When you complete your entries, post them in the "Challenge! Draw or Stamp your Ornament Pendant Charm" thread in the Functional Art section on the EBSQ Forum.
Tags: amethyst lobster, charm, ebsq, funtional art, mary lu wason, ornament, pendant, recycled

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