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A post in which we remember our grown-up manners and say Thank You!

Long Winter by Abigail M. Hill
Abigail M Hill

We're almost at the end of another year. Melissa, Bill, and I have been perpertually busy listening to feedback, making plans, working on new site features, and doing what we can to ensure that our members are happy members. We could not have come nearly as far as we without our wonderful site volunteers who have helped us take care of this ever-growing community of ours. Special kudos go out to:

Our Peer Mentors:

Our forum Topic Hosts (yes, many of these folks do double duty as mentors):

Our Bloggers:

Our wonderful site advisor, Anne Truitt Zelenka.

Our legal guru, Cheri Carper Bennett.

Our freelance programmers, Melanie & Nate Drake

While we haven't reached all of the goals we set for ourselves at the advent of this year, I'm pleased we made some serious progress (even if a lot of it was behind the scenes and not terribly useful to you guys yet!) We've aslo seen a ton of good art. Some really amazing shows. Raised some serious cash for two great causes. And for that, we're really thankful. But that pales in comparison to how thankful we are for all of you. EBSQ would be vacant real estate without your art and your words. We know there are a lot of other art communities out there. A lot of flashier websites than ours (we're working on it!). We know you have a ton of choices, and we thank you for sticking with EBSQ. We're looking forward to bringing you a ton of excellent things in the future!

So from all of us to all of you, Happy Holidays! Here's to an artful new year!
Amie Gillingham
1 December 2007
Find art. Share art. Support living artists! 


In this issue:

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Harlan  "Live Studio: The Science of Oil Painting"
Melia Dawn Newman  "How to Construct a Homemade Lightbox"
Natasha Wescoat "Ten Things They Don't Teach You in Art School"
Amie Gillingham "Featured Artist: Elizabeth Fiedel"
Amie Gillingham "Featured Artist: Diana Maus"

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