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Do This!

This month's EBSQ LIVE was a collection of short how-to's appropriate for the holidays. As this is the holiday season and we all need quick projects, over the next few days I will post the presentations.

First up - Shannon Girouard

                                                Christmas / Holiday Keepsake Notebook

 Welcome, we’ll be creating a Holiday Keepsake Notebook to keep Holiday cards, photos and other special mementos in. Without getting into expensive scrap booking kits of course. You’ll want to start this project off by having a simple 3 ring binder you can find at any discount store. There are thousands of styles, sizes and colors available. For this project I chose an inexpensive 1" 3 ring binder in a green that I think is in the spirit of the Holiday. For inside your binder you can chose any size sleeves available. They come in a range of sizes from full page clear or colored sleeves all the way down to a size small enough to keep ACEO’s in!

 You can shop anywhere you'd like for the little decorative extras. From Micheal's to the $1 Store in your area..Photos are wonderful, they make it so very personal. Anything you find that really is fun to use, artistic or represents the holiday to you works for this project.

Here are some ideas of items you can get for this project:



Colored Paper









The list is as long as your imagination.

A helpful hint with this project is to chose a binder with a plastic sleeving on the outside. This gives you the ability to create you cover on a separate sheet and insert it when you are finished. This way if you mess up or want to change it completely you can without wrecking the outside of the binder. These outside plastic sleeves allow you to do inserts on the cover, back and spine!

Don’t let that stop you from decorating the inside. Then filling it with cards, photos and ornaments that you want to hang onto for a lifetime.

 And thats it! A simple inexpensive way to keep your keepsakes!

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