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February 2008: Do you heart EBSQ?

Love is the Key by Hope Mary Nagley
Hope Mary Nagley

Last month, a new member gave us a review that was so glowing, it humbled me completely. I'd like to share her thoughts with you now:

I'm really enjoying the experience of building my little piece of EBSQ as well as the very helpful and supportive, collaborative community. Not to mention the huge collection of inspiring art at my disposal for inspiration, grouped by medium, etc. I like to peruse all of the eZine archives, too.

AND I CAN'T TELL YOU HOW MUCH I HEART THE LIVE STUDIOS! I've bookmarked two already and refer to them often. I can't wait to start making the mosaic jewelry mirrors (a la Dorothy Edwards) and now have the courage, and desire, to do some collage/assemblage work with new materials I don't normally experiment with.

Why on earth I didn't get over here years ago is still a mystery to me. And the membership fees are incredibly low considering the professional quality, functions and value of the site as a whole, but also as marketing tools for the individual artist.
-Laura Winzeler

It's almost silly to ask, but do you heart EBSQ? Has something here inspired you? If so, we'd love to hear about it. Write a blog post. Make a video and post it on youtube. Tag it with EBSQ--we'll find you. Your feedback is what keeps us going on those challenging days. You could see your "valentine" in this space in the future!

It goes without saying. EBSQ "hearts" you. This is easily the best job in the world. I get to live my passion for art and technology. There's something new to see every day. The energy here is amazing. In short: you guys rock.
Amie Gillingham
1 February 2008
Get out of the vacuum and express yourself! 


In this issue:

Amie Gillingham "Do you heart EBSQ?"
Melissa Morton "EBSQ Live February 2008: Fine Art in the Grid"
Aja "Opinion: The Motives of an Abstract Artist"
Paul Helm "Comparing Print on Demand Calendars: Café Press, Lulu, & Zazzle"
Amie Gillingham "Featured Artist: Jill Falk"

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