blumoo (blu_moo) wrote in ebsq,

Free Fractal Software so you too can enter the EBSQ Fractals show!

This month, one of the EBSQ shows is "Fractals: A Digital Art Show". EBSQ members Kris Jean and Carolyn Schiffhouer have provided information on finding free fractal programs. Kris mentioned Tierazon V29 and Carolyn provided links to a flame fractals program and a list of other programs.  So... there is Tierazon V29, a flame fractals program and a list of programs - many of which are free. This should get most of you started  - so go, make fractals and enter the show.

Online Art Exhibit:  Fractals: A Digital Art Show

Tags: carolyn schiffhouer, digital, ebsq, fractals, free software, kris jean, shows

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