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Editorial March 2008: March Makeover Madness!

Embrace by Lori Mirabelli
Lori Mirabelli

Recently a old friend blogged that the poppies are starting to bloom in San Francisco, but for so many of us, we're still locked in a battle with winter blahs. I personally like to do proactive things to cajole spring into existance. Spring cleaning is chief among these activities. If you've logged into EBSQ in the past couple of weeks, you'll have noticed we've done some spring cleaning "under the hood" so to speak. We knew that some of our members struggled with the "urban-sprawl" that occurs when a site like ours evolves organically over close to a decade. So we've dusted things off, put like items together, and labeled things better so their uses are more obvious.

Spring is a great time to tweak. Here are some subtle nudges to make use of these newly dusted tools, particularly if your account is growing cobwebs in the corners and dustbunnies under your Art Case.

Is your contact information up-to-date? Make sure we have your current private email address for lost password retrieval and public contact information for people who want to learn more about your art. We've often seen members post that they do commissions but don't offer a contact method for potential buyers.

Are your website and blog addresses still correct? How about your eBay and Etsy ids? Again, if we don't have the right information, people aren't going to be able to find you or your work at your prefered sales venues.

When is the last time you took a look at your artist's statement? Do you have a "Hi, I'm new," message that you posted back in 2004 and simply forgot about? Or notes about your Christmas sales? Are you talking about your past realist work when you're now showing a portfolio full of abstract expressionism? Have you done any new shows or changed galleries? Don't forget to add this new information to your CV.

Have your commission prices changed? If so, don't forget to make these edits if you have pricing listed on your commissions page. Or maybe you don't do commissioned work at all anymore--you can always turn off this feature by unchecking the "commissions available" box in your profile tools.

Ok, so maybe your account is totally up-to-date and you're still not getting the kind of traffic you'd like. If so, we'd like to hear from you. This month we're cross-breeding March Madness with Extreme Makeover Home-Edition to bring you March Makeover Madness! If you're willing to let us do a show-and-tell with your profile in the EBSQ blog and participate in a public discussion about your profile on the EBSQ forums, we'd love to put you under the knife (so to speak) and have better results by prom night. We'll be looking at your:


  • copy (that's marketing spiel for all of the writing in your profile)
  • general online presentation
  • SEO (that's search engine optomization--all the things you do to help Google bring eyeballs to your art)
Up to the challenge? Drop us a line--and let's clean our way into spring!
Amie Gillingham
1 March 2008
Get out of the vacuum and express yourself! 


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