Amie (wickedgillie) wrote in ebsq,

An EBSQ artist's guide on how to succeed on Etsy without even trying (much)

(This might be old news if you're a regular on the EBSQ forums or if you are on our mailing list.)

If you're an EBSQ member who also sells their art on Etsy, we recommend the following steps for success:

  • Don't forget to include your Etsy id under "my external links" in your EBSQ profile tools
  • Be sure to use EBSQ as one of your keywords since our EBSQ search tool sends potential buyers directly to items using EBSQ as one of their tags
  • Jump onto the EBSQ member forums and say hello to the EBSQ/Etsy Street Team. Our team would love to include your work in an upcoming treasury!

We appreciate you all sharing the EBSQ love at Etsy. At present time, we have more items tagged "EBSQ" at Etsy than our point of origin, eBay, and we believe that's only a small portion of the EBSQ work that's listed there! Tag away and show the world how strong our community is!

Tags: art, community, ebsq, etsy, marketing, streetteam

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