Amie (wickedgillie) wrote in ebsq,

Almost afraid to ask: are you having receipt "issues" with PayPal?

Please raise your hand (via comments) if you've ever received multiple email notifications for a single EBSQ subscription payment receipt from PayPal. In the past two days, we've received reports from two members who have literally received hundreds and thinking back, I seem to recall someone else calling with the same concern that we were billing them over and over again (which we didn't, nor are we even able to per how PayPal subscciptions work). I did have a little chat with PayPal customer support today in which they confiirmed that this is a known problem which they will now escalate since I asked so nicely (snort).

Although the problems are on PayPal's end, I want to personally apologize to those of you who had their inboxes filled with all of these repeat notification emails.  We want to get a better idea of how bad this situation has been for all of you since we don't send these notices and would have had no way of knowing this was happening had you not told us about it.

::braces self for impact:: 
Tags: apologies, ebsq, paypal, receipt emails, tech issue

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