Amie (wickedgillie) wrote in ebsq,

Farewell, little server. You served us well.

Our downtime on May 22 & 23 was apparently due to hardware failure for one of our servers in our cluster. We are doing an emergency transfer to a new machine and taking the old boy offline. We'll be offline during the process as we configure the new machine and do our testing, but we should be back up soon (we hope) and quite possibly with improved speed. 

Thanks for your continued patience. Hopefully, this is impacting very few of you since this is the holiday weekend that kicks off Summer 2008 here in the US.  Go see the new Indiana Jones movie while you wait. We should be back up by the time you get home. (Just don't tell me how it ends! )
Tags: apologies, downtime, ebsq, tech issue, update

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