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EBSQ June Show Winners Announced

June gave us 4 fantastic shows, including our first EBSQ Juried Member exhibit since 2006. 

Creation Myths: An EBSQ Juried Exhibition: June 2008

This show juried by:

Dan Duhrkoop

About The Juror:

After diving headlong into the internet in 2006 to start (a prominent how-to website for artists) Dan Duhrkoop has become increasingly convinced that the future of art lies online. As a result, this graphic designer turned oil painter turned art coach now splits his time between painting, writing, consulting, and searching for new ways for artists to use the internet to further their careers.

Juror's Statement:

All of us, as artists, have an instinctive understanding of what it means to create. It's very fitting, then, that artists take an active role in describing how the world (and everything that lives on it) came to be.

Juror's Choice:

The Water Teems by Carolyn Schiffhouer

The Water Teems by Carolyn Schiffhouer

Of all the entries, I felt that Carolyn's artwork most clearly showed the moment where "nothing" becomes "something." Its energy and movement drew me in from the first moment I saw it.

Plus 3 Honorable Mentions:

Eve by Peggy Garr

Eve by Peggy Garr

The fact that Peggy painted Eve in a world with brilliantly tempestuous skies made me feel like I was looking at a world still shuddering from the aftermath of its own creation.

Adam Bites the Apple by Mark Satchwill

Adam Bites the Apple by Mark Satchwill

This image was taken from the traditional Genesis story - Mark picked the perfect moment to depict and did so in a great illustrative style.

First Woman by Naquaiya

First Woman by Naquaiya

I really enjoyed reading about the Huron creation myth for the first time and seeing how Naquaiya represented it. The two birds and the first woman are simply, yet beautifully, drawn.

-Dan Durhkoop

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